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Do you need a website? Your success depends on it!


In the bar and restaurant business we all know there are endless challenges. And times have changed. The mobile revolution has changed the way people shop, learn and choose. Want dinner and a romantic setting? Google it. Going out to meet friends for drinks and a band? Check Facebook. Happy hour pricing at a glance? Yep, there’s an app. Old school websites are a thing of the past. Most viewers know in the first 7 seconds if they’re going to check your website out or just swipe it away.

Having a responsive site that adapts across multiple device types and platforms is a must. Making it easy to find is a must. Getting people to visit every page is a must. Keeping them coming back to see what’s new is even more important. This is where you have a choice to make. Do you trust the success of your business to the guy that’s going to build your website for fifty bucks? Or the one who’s free because they are building a portfolio? Or that nephew or niece who’s taking a class in school? Probably not the best ideas… Or go with the corporate builder for $5000 plus? Definitely not. What do they know about restaurants and bars? Nothing. They know how to make money though… for themselves.

Web Development Systems has been building quality websites since before Google was on the map. Many businesses and individuals have enjoyed the fruits of our labor by trusting a company who cares about the individual and their business. That’s us. Do we offer hosting services? Yep. Through a partner who gives great discounts. Why, because it’s not what we do. Do we offer SEO services? Yep. Through a partner. Why, because it’s not what we do.

So, by now you’re ready to hear about what we do. We build websites specifically for the bar and restaurant industry. Why, because we are a bar and restaurant focused company. We live, work and play in Florida. We know the market, we know the economy, we know the tourism… Most of all, we know bars and restaurants. Check out the About Us section to learn more about us, our parent company and how we decided to help your bar or restaurant reach it’s potential.